Star Trek

Star Trek Online Video Slot by IGT

Star Trek is a popular online video slot game powered by IGT. Based on the 2009 film of the same name, the game features stills and video clips from the movie itself. Set against a backdrop of the vast expanse of space, the game features top-class graphics, animation and sound effects. Fans of the movie will be pleased to know that the game features the high quality images of the main characters with specific bonus features assigned to each character. Complete with uplifting background music and energetic sound effects, the game brings to life the epic space theme in grand way.

A 5-Reel Slot Based on the Film

Behind the slick graphics and movie theme, Star Trek is based on the classic slot machine setup of 5 spinning reels with a total of 30 paylines. In this game, players can set the number of paylines to play as well as the number of coins bet per payline. The game also includes Wilds symbols, Scatters and four separate themed bonus features that can rack up some serious wins. On the reels, the highest paying reel symbols are the four main characters from the film. These including Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Uhura. For the lower paying symbols, IGT have used the classic playing card high symbols from nine to King.

The Wild symbol in Star Trek is the game logo itself. This symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other game symbols in order to form a winning combination on the reels. The Scatter symbol in the game is the blue symbol with the world “bonus” on the front. The Scatter symbol is the key to triggering the four unique bonus round.

Kirk and Spock Bonus Rounds

The first bonus round in Star Trek Kirk’s Bonus. This free spins bonus round can be triggered by landing two or more Scatter symbols on the reels with one of the blue symbols containing an image of Kirk. In this bonus round, players will be awarded 6 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

The second bonus feature in the game is Spock’s Bonus. This can be triggered by landing three Scatter symbols across the reels. with one of them containing an image of Spock. This bonus works in the free spins round and will increase the number of Wilds that appear during the free spins.

Uhura and Scotty Bonus Rounds

The Third bonus feature in Star Trek is Uhura’s Bonus. To trigger this bonus round, players must land three scatter symbols across the reels with one of them containing an image of Uhura. In this bonus round, players will find extra Wilds and Scatter symbols appearing on the reels.

The final bonus feature Star Trek is Scotty’s Bonus. This free spins bonus round is triggered by landing three or more Scatters on the reels with one of them containing an image of Scotty. In this bonus round, players are awarded a minimum of 10 free spins with up to a 5x multiplier. To increase the winning opportunities, the multiplier is automatically doubled after the first five free spins.

Star Trek – Against All Odds

Star Trek – Against All Odds Online Video Slot

Star Trek – Against All Odds is a high quality online video slot game powered by IGT. This is the second Star Trek slot release by IGT. Based on the success of the first game, IGT have kept the theme and improved the graphics, animation and bonus features. In this game players will find even more video clips from the 2009 film as well as crystal clear graphics, digital sound effects with engrossing background music. Set against a backdrop of al large ringed planet, fans of the first game will not be disappointed with sequel.

720 Ways to Win with Multiway Xtra

One of the biggest differences in the Star Trek – Against All Odds is the slot setup. This slot is based on IGT’s unique setup of 5-reels with 720 ways to win and Multiway Xtra wagering. This means that players can bet up to 60 coins with the slot paying out both left to right and right to left. The reels themselves are set in a hexagonal format. The Multiway Xtra feature pays out on the same symbols in any position in columns next to each other. The reel symbols in this slot include the main characters from the film, Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Chekhov. Players will also find the United Federation of Planets logo as well as various types of Phaser’s and weapons.

More Video Sequences and Bonus Features

As well as offering a unique slot setup, the Star Trek – Against All Odds slot game includes a good number of bonus features in the form of stacked Wilds, Scatter symbols, Energising Wilds and an interactive bonus round that can award some seriously big payouts. The transporter symbol in this game acts as the Wild symbol. Appearing on reels 2 to 4, the Wild symbol can take up multiple positions the same reel as a stacked feature. The Wild can substitute for all non-bonus symbols in the game in order to create a winning combination from left to right or right to left.

Energising Wilds and Scatter Symbols

The game also includes Energising Wilds. This is a randomly triggered bonus feature. At any point during the game, the transporter curser can appear turning up to 5 symbols Wild on any of the three middle reels. To add to this, Star Trek – Against All Odds also features a scatter symbol (red matter) which acts as a bet multiplier. Finding all five scatters across the reels will pay out a bet multiplier of 100x the total bet stake.

The Enterprise Bonus Round

The main bonus feature in Star Trek – Against All Odds is the Enterprise Bonus Round. This is triggered by landing 5 Enterprise symbols anywhere on the reels. Once triggered, players will be taken to a second screen where the interactive bonus will begin. In this bonus round players must defend Spock’s ship for 45 seconds from enemy missiles. Players will earn extra points for destroying Romulan missiles and bombs. When the ship’s shields are reduced to 0, the shooting will come to an end and the total points scored in the round will be converted into a payout that gets added to the slot total.

Starlight Kiss

Starlight Kiss Online Video Slot

Starlight Kiss is a high quality online video slot game powered by Microgaming. The game itself has a romance theme and follows the story of two lovers who meet in a country garden for a midnight kiss under the stars. Set against a backdrop of a beautiful country estate, the game features high quality graphics with romantic background music and entertaining sound effects. The reels themselves are framed in gold and sit against a starry sky with lampposts acting as pillars for the ends of the reels. The Microgaming slot can be played online for free or for real money at all top-rated online casinos.

5 Reel Romance Themed Slot

Behind the romance theme, Starlight Kiss has a slot machine setup that includes 5 spinning reels with a total of 30 paylines. On the reels, the highest paying symbols include the handsome man holding out a rose and the blond beauty who is the object of his affection. Players will also be awarded a win for a combination of the man and woman symbols. Topping off the high paying symbols is a love letter and a box of chocolates. For the lower paying symbols, Microgaming have used the high card symbols from 10 to Ace.

Wild Substitute Symbol

As well as offering some big payouts, Starlight Kiss also includes a number of bonus features in the form of a Wild symbol, Scatter symbols, free spins and a romance bonus with a multiplier. The Wild symbol in the game is the game logo. This symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other non-bonus symbols in order to form a winning combination on the reels. The Wild symbol also has the honour of being the highest paying symbol of the game. If players manage to land all five Wilds across the reels, this will trigger the slot jackpot payout.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

The Scatter symbol in Starlight Kiss is the image of the country estate. The Scatter symbol pays out in any position on the reels and is the key to activating the free spins bonus round. To trigger the bonus round, players must land 3 or more scatters anywhere on the five reels. When the bonus round is triggered, players will be rewarded with 14 free spins (14 being the date in Feb of Valentine’s day). To add to this, all wins during the free spin round will be automatically doubled.

The Romance Bonus

The final bonus feature in Starlight Kiss is the romance bonus. This is triggered by landing the bonus symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time. When the bonus round is triggered, players will be taken to a second screen showing the couple sitting on a bench at night. Around the couple are 10 romantic objects that will improve the mood. Players must choose three out of the 10 objects which will best suit the occasion. Depending on the objects chosen, each object will reveal a random coin payout as well as a number of hearts. If players manage to fill the heart meter, they will win up to a 10x multiplier.

Stargate SG-1 Video Slot by Spielo

The Stargate SG-1 Video Slot by Spielo

The Stargate SG-1 Video Slot by Spielo is a popular land based video slot game based on the Stargate TV series and feature film. The slot itself is a multi-bonus progressive linked slot. This means that players will find multiple machines all linked together in the casino. The Spielo powered game is housed in both the Oxygen cabinet and the Oxygen slant cabinet. Fans of the TV show will find all their favourite characters from the show with actual video clips, sound bites and original music from the show. The split screen offers players a full view of the reels with a bonus screen above the main slot.

A Multi-Bonus Linked Progressive Slot

The Stargate SG-1 Video Slot by Spielo is played over five reels with multiple betting options as well as a side bet that activates the multi-bonus feature. On the main screen, the reels fill the entire screen with no backdrop to the game. The reel symbols include all the major characters from the show as well as images of the gate, space ships, army tanks, hieroglyphic symbols and various weapons. The lower paying symbols include the classic high card symbols from 10 to Ace.

The TEAL’C Base Game

The Stargate SG-1 Video Slot by Spielo has four main base games that are based on the four leading characters from the show namely TEAL’C, Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter. Starting off, the TEAL’C base game is a five-reel game where players must help the interstellar warrior lead the Jaffa resistance to victory. In this base game, players can activate the Stargate bonus by playing the maximum number of paylines with a 10 credit bonus bet. Landing 3 earth symbols across the reels will activate the free spins round.

Jack O’Neil and Daniel Jackson Base Games

The second base game in the Stargate SG-1 Video Slot by Spielo is the popular Jack O’Neill game. In this 5-reel slot game, players follow the Brigadier Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) on command at Cheyenne Mountain. In this base game, the Stargate bonus is activated when players play online pokies for real money  and bet the maximum number of paylines plus a 10 credit bonus bet.

The third base game in the Stargate SG-1 Video Slot by Spielo is the Daniel Jackson game. In this 5-reel slot game, players join archaeologist Daniel Jackson in ancient Egypt for a wild adventure. Again the Stargate bonus can only be activated with all paylines played and a 10 credit bonus bet activated. If players land 3 or more earth symbols across the reels, the nudge bonus will be triggered.

The Samantha Carter Base Game

The fourth and final base game in the Stargate SG-1 Video Slot by Spielo is the Samantha Carter game. This is also a 5-reel slot game where players follow the adventures of astrophysicist Samantha Carter. Yet again, the Stargate bonus is only triggered when betting the max number of paylines plus a 10 credit bonus bet. Landing 3 or more earth symbols across the screen will trigger the Scatter feature and award 15, 20 or 25 free spins. During the free spins bonus round, all wins are automatically doubled.

online betting offers

Online Betting Offers Welcome New Players

Sports betting is intrinsically linked to sport itself, and their destinies are entwined. This is due to the game being that much more interesting when there is a personal investment riding on the outcome.

The sports betting market is blossoming and the future of the industry looks bright. The market is expanding at a rate similar to the internet’s globalisation process, with better and better platforms and systems developing constantly. The competition for punters has created a number of benefits for the sports betting community at large. Currently the forerunner of online sports betting is the rapidly expanding and comparatively youthful mobile market. This mobile revolution has brought with it some exciting opportunities as a consequence of a swathe of online betting offers.

Online and Mobile Platforms Available

Australian mobile sports betting market has been rapidly growing since 2007. The mobile platform offers a broad package of benefits that is commensurate with the fact that this forum is becoming the coal-face of sports betting. More than half of all online sports bets placed are now made on the mobile platform, and punters are reaping the rewards of this.

With this level of growth, the mobile betting industry and the associated online betting offers and apps have been able to establish a broad-based and highly rewarding sports betting environment. This has come to facilitate many sporting codes’ involvement, large varieties of betting options and a platform that grants access from the comfort of the punters’ palm.

For the Love of Sports

There is a global love of both sports and betting. Online betting sites and sports books offer punters premium betting offers that improve their odds when wagering on the various sporting events. Although there is a constant supply of online betting offers becoming available all the time, in principle, the bulk of online betting offers are variants of the standard free bets offer.

The free bets that sports betting sites offer are an incentive to join the site. The top sports books will match an initial bet with an equivalent amount that can be used to wager on any other event, often with the proviso that the odds are above a certain level such as 2:1. Free bets are provided in two categories that are known as stake returned free bets and stake not returned free bets.

Stake returned free bets is much the same as using one’s own money, only with improved odds. This means that winning the wager will endow players with the regular winning pay out plus a return of the value of the bet. Therefore a winning bet of 10 Euros at 4:1 will receive their stake back and thus receive 40 Euros including the return of wagered stake.

Stake not returned free bets do not return the stake placed on the bet, but the bet is conducted without real money involvement. Therefore, despite paying out less than the previous example, namely 30 Euros for a win, this is still rather significant since the bet would have been placed for free.

Using the Online Betting Offers

Like wagering requirements at casinos, online betting offers specify minimum odds that must be wagered upon in order to qualify for these free bets bonuses. These online betting offers are site, sport and bonus specific. Punters should always confirm these offers and the conditions attached with the sites’ terms and conditions.

online betting guide

The Uses of an Online Betting Guide

Sport itself has benefitted from the increasingly pervasive internet with growing popularity and fans growth. The sports betting industry that is so closely associated with it has consequently blossomed as well. One of the attractions of sport, however, is that there is so much variety between the different sporting codes. The mere fact that there is so much variety, and that sports are so different is certainly a large aspect to its basic attraction and broad-based appeal.

Sports betting is thus similarly broad. This has the advantage of appealing to a large number of fans and followers, because so many different sporting codes are included. There are even new sports being added to the sports betting repertoire, such as eGaming, a sport that is gaining in popularity very quickly and is available to punters now too.

An Informative and Explanatory Tome

One of the challenges that this broad diversity brings, however, is informing and teaching punters about all the different types of wager that can be placed, and the betting opportunities attached to each different sport. This is obviously crucial to ongoing expansion of the market. In order to assist with providing information and create a form of educational pointer to the layout of the bets that are available, the meaning of the odds and a guide to the games themselves.

An online betting guide therefore forms an indispensable tool for anyone wanting to increase the range of sports that they wager on, the knowledge regarding the various betting options of the sport they currently wager on, and a general overview of the sports betting market itself. A good online betting guide is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for anyone planning to be successful consistently at sports betting.

The Core of Good Sports Betting

A general advisory to punters engaging in sports betting is that they should peruse different online sports books for the best odds since there is some variance between the bookmakers. An online betting guide is one of the better tools indicated for accomplished this. Punters are reminded that a well-informed decision made from effective statistical analysis and research will be a better one, and this too, is a reason for online betting guides.

The theory is for an online betting guide to provide support for personal knowledge and intuition, strengthening the overall system. As will sporting results in general, predicting results and outcomes can only ever be a guess, because the unexpected will still happen. No sports betting guide advised punters to place a wager on Leicester City to win the Premier League when at the start of the season the odds were 5000 to 1.

A Reference Guide Too

The enormous variety of sports, games and betting options is condensed in an online betting guide as sports are categorized into similar genres of betting manner. Track racing, for example, a genre that includes horse racing and greyhound racing would also include the racing of motor vehicles and motorbikes. Punters will find that the betting is remarkably similar, with starter bets like place and order, where they can predict the winner, runner up or even the first two, three or four in order.

An online betting guide is therefore indispensable to serious-minded punters. A reference point for the explanation of odds to a description of handicaps, it makes for essential reading.

Online betting boxing PayPal

The Online Betting Boxing PayPal Connection                                             

When online betting boxing is always a major attraction. Boxing is a highly regarded sport, thanks to world icons like Mohammed Ali, and has created a huge online betting footprint. The size and support of the industry means that boxing punters expect to be able to bet and win on games all over the world in safety and security. Punters expect their personal information and of course their money transactions to be fully confidential.

PayPal is the original e-wallet and still probably the most trusted of all. They do not allow financial transfers to be conducted with casinos from countries where the activity is not legitimate. This means that for online betting boxing PayPal is the most trusted e-wallet in most of Europe, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Sports Betting’s’ More Popular Sport

Increasingly popular around the world, as with all online sports betting, betting on boxing offers punters an opportunity to bet on international matches around the world. However, in order to be able to appreciate the potential benefits of utilising boxing knowledge and passion for profit by wagering correctly, punters first need to be able to place their money securely and safely on the matches and tournaments.

Punters should first check whether PayPal is available for their selected sports betting site if this is their selected mode of transfer. PayPal service are not available for US sports books at the current time, but where the service is available this trusted online money transfer system is always preferred.

Using PayPal Online Services

Conducting online betting boxing with a PayPal account means depositing funds at an online bookmaker, and is simple to do. Once the PayPal account is funded, boxing punters simply need to log into the online boxing betting website and choose PayPal as the method of depositing. Clicking deposit will transfer money from a PayPal account to the betting website instantly.

Should punters be successful in their wagering endeavours, there will be a necessity to safely withdraw their money. Withdrawing funds as easy as depositing the money, and all that is required is to request that the casino conduct a PayPal cashout. Online betting sites’ cashouts are processed quickly, usually within 24 hours.

Many Sports Books Linked with PayPal

The sport of boxing is a highly popular sport with much long standing tradition. Over the centuries the game has grown on an international scale. From a sports betting NZ perspective, online betting boxing has a range from various different available bets, with multiple matches happening around the world. Obviously there is an ever shifting array of odds that a good sports betting site would keep their members updated on. Committed punters know that the key is to follow the sport closely to catch clues and hints to the outcomes of matches, and that boxing betting is a game of skill as much as luck.

Therefore, when considering or planning online betting boxing PayPal should certainly be the first choice for a reliable cost effective and fast money transfer system. Boxing is a proud and honourable sport and difficult to predict at the best of times. Boxing punters certainly should not be anxious about the security of their money as well.

online betting

Making The Most of Online Betting Site Offers

Competition between USA online betting providers creates more choices and offers made to punters, all worthwhile in their own way. Making the most of any benefits on offer is obviously essential. The aim of the game is to make the odds work for you. This means learning the basics of online betting. Online betting sites, or sports books provide punters with free betting offers.

Free bets are an incentive to joining the sports betting site. Often regarded as a sign of the sites’ reputation, top online betting sites match an initial bet with an equivalent amount that can be used to bet on anything. There are two categories of these free bets, the stake returned free bets, and the stake not returned free bets.

The Odds Improved Using Free Bets

A stake returned free bets is like betting with your own money. Winning the bet, gives players the standard winnings pay out, plus a return of the value of the bet. This means 4: 1 odds. Stake not returned free bets, means that there is no return on the bet value, which remains imaginary. This boils down to 3: 1 odds. Either way, the odds on the players’ original bet are improved and no real money was being risked.

The most successful online betting sites are also the ones that have learned how to retain their customers. In order to do this sports books entice, initially, new punters with special offers such as the aforementioned free bets, but they are also regularly given to existing and regular members. The free bet offers are generally given to new members on sign up, but many are also given to regular users in the form of reload bonuses, special offers when the site is promoting specific sporting events, and fully-fledged loyalty programs.

The Online Betting Industry

Online betting sites depend on the economy of supply and demand. Offers and incentives are designed to attract, and then retain customers. Punters will be able to find a variety of bonuses and offers, and these make joining a new site so much fun. There is a constant supply of offers between all the online betting sites. Nevertheless these offers are all really just variants of the standard free bets offer.

Any half-decent online betting site will have excellent betting spreads, large communities of punters, highly reactive support services, and generally try to ensure a thoroughly pleasant sports betting experience. Of course this also means high levels of safety and security as well as plenty of financial transaction methods. Retention of clientele is crucial to them, so peace of mind and customer convenience needs to be part of the deal.

Features to Help Punters

Online betting sites also have numerous additional features to enable punters to make more educated bets. This includes live streams of games, fully updated statistics, logs and upcoming fixtures. The conditions at these sites could hardly be better aligned for betting success.

Online betting on sports or events can be a rewarding pastime. Punters dreaming of achieving this are well advised to conduct as much research as possible on the events that they plan to wager on.  Knowing everything, from the history, statistics, condition and capabilities of both players and coaches can only help but make a better informed decision. Add some intuition and knowledge of current form, and the odds are maximised.